Microsphere and Industry News- Lightweight Additives

Microsphere and Industry News- Lightweight Additives

A number of leading edge composites rely on Microspheres for lightweight components and sound insluation. Lightweight composites, coatings flexible PVC among others.

Hurdling (the internal) roadblocks to Additive Manufacturing

Setting the right goals with incremental milestones are key to getting buy-in.

“GE has been requiring every business unit to develop one or more pilot projects to experiment with new manufacturing technologies and to provide venues for retraining engineers, designers and researchers.”

Editorial: The cost in pounds of “Feature Creep”

Unnecessary gadgets don’t just increase vehicle weight, they make cars less reliable and harder to recycle.

“Wouldn’t it be easier to eliminate some of the creature comforts offered on today’s cars?”

Lightweighting Innovators Honored

The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado takes the Full Vehicle prize.

Demand for Lightweighting Jobs expected to Double in 6 Years.

US Institute reports a significant jump in demand for lightweighting related occupations.

“As we invest in advanced manufacturing research and development and lightweighting innovation, new and significant employment opportunities are continuing to emerge”

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