Expandable Polymer Microspheres

Significant and Steady

Coatings and Molding applications are nothing new in the automotive market. The growth in underbody coatings and composites over the past 8 years has been both significant and predictable.


While public sector spending remains relatively flat in construction private spending reached nearly 900 billion dollars in 2016 and is expected to crest 1.4 trillion by 2021.Microspheres Construction Market

Demand for cool paints that act as a thermal insulator, light weight rubber roofing materials and noise absorbent composites outpace are on an even stronger pace.

Where Every Pound Really Counts!

Imagine saving $300K per year from reducing weight by changing something as simple as paperstock. Perhaps no Microspheres and Aerospaceindustry is so dedicated to managing every ounce and pound of their product that the airline industry. For the airline industry, weight=fuel and fuel=cost. Switching out heavy manuals for tablets for the pilots, or shrinking (or ditching) magazines nobody reads, everything is game. Material changes are slower, but they are coming and it’s not just weight, it’s for acoustic insulation.

“Anytime we can reduce even an ounce of weight, that means we burn less fuel to fly to that destination”

Aaron Stash, United’s head of environmental strategy and sustainability.


Sports and Leisure

PMMA Microspheres are associated heavily with footwear and for good reason. Expandable polymer Microspheres in Sports and Leisuremicrospheres are used in everything from flip-flops to running shoes. What most people don’t know is that they are advancing the performance and feel in a number of sporting goods. They could be in the grip on your racket, or at the core of your tennis ball. Use in TPR’s in particular continues to climb. Unlike chemical blowing agents, microspheres deliver a uniform smooth surface with a much lower density. Not to mention no formaldehyde smell when you open the bag!

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Microspheres and Markets

TitleExpandable Polymer Microspheres
Descriptionfrom Automotive to Construction to aerospace and Sports and Leisure microspheres enable a unique level of performance. The lightweighting  and low VOC performance of spheres has been known for years. Now design engineers are discovering the added thermal and acoustic benefits of polymer microspheres.

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