Microspheres and The Future of Powder Coating


Microspheres and The Future of Powder Coating

What are Microspheres and how do they relate to Powder Coating?

Microspheres are a precision flexible sphere that expands when heat is applied. They are used are used to lower density, reduce material cost, and provide acoustic and thermal insulation. When heated, microspheres expand to a target diameter and maintain that diameter after cooling.

Impact of Microspheres for Powder Coating

You can point to microspheres as key component, improvements in powder coating performance to minimize weight, fill cavities and dampens sound among other benefits. However, like other applications you may not know about their impact because like other applications their use falls under the category of “Trade Secret”.

Typical dry powder coating applications where no water is added activate at the 80-90°C range, Kureha’s M330D for example.

The growth in the powder coatings market is not without it’s challenges.

  1. Increased raw cost
  2. Technical Hurdles in Non-metal substrate applications
  3. Substrate Limitations with Ovens

For future development, the experts such as Ram Ramnath, Vice President  Powder Coatings at Jotun are optimistic.

“Powder coatings stand on the threshold of exciting new breakthroughs – not only displacing the old technologies but also opening new frontiers by being able to coat thick steel components and even non-metal substrates”

Ramnath then ads some examples like the replacement of harmful finishing technologies such as chrome plating and anodizing or coating of substrates such as engineered wood, wood, composites and plastics.

However, as the article points out powder coating is an effecitve solution to reducing VOC’s and the industry continues to innovate.

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