Running Shoe Energy Return and Biometric Sensors 20181219145209

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Running Shoe Energy Return and Biometric Sensors

December 19, 2018
The Perfect Foam and (Shoe) Energy ReturnCan the right foam support a sub-2 hour marathon? Brands like Nike and Adidas think so and they’ve been cha...
Lightweighting News and Notes 20181211171518

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Lightweighting News and Notes

December 11, 2018
Long associated with lightweighting, Kureha Microspheres are a volumetric filler for both binder and fibrous materials. They are up to 85% lighter t...
Expandable Polymer Microspheres 20181207030706

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Expandable Polymer Microspheres

December 7, 2018
Significant and SteadyCoatings and Molding applications are nothing new in the automotive market. The growth in underbody coatings and composites over...